Necessary Information - Parents Please Read

Your Booking We try as far as possible to ensure a good mix of ages and sexes for each holiday week. (Boys are always in demand!) Clearly a week in which there is only one nine-year-old in a group of fourteen-year-olds has a less than perfect mix. For this reason, as well as the possibility of a booked-out week, we ask you to specify an alternative week when you make your booking. In the event of it appearing to be necessary to ask you to consider your second choice, we will do so as quickly as possible so as to minimise any disruption to your holiday plans.

: Sleeping Bag or duvet, undersheet, pillow, towel. (These items are not provided for in the houses we use for the holidays)

Loose comfortable clothes (track suits, jeans, sweatshirts etc.) One simple outfit of Black and White as a unifying costume for the final show (Any combination eg plain b&w - black top white bottoms, black bottoms white tops, b&w stripes b&w polkadots etc... (but no logos please)) (Please no football strip. This is because football team loyalties can often lead to more than just healthy rivalry, and the awkwardness caused in these circumstances is not good for the sense of fun and enjoyment we are trying to ensure.) Soft soled shoes for general Drama and Dance work and a pair of hard soled shoes (or Tap shoes if you have them -(but don‘t specially buy a pair) for tap work. Leotards, legwarmers etc., if you aready have them - but ordinary tracksuits etc. are just as good! The rule is - be comfortable!

Notebooks and lots of pencils. Any favourite dramatic or musical scripts or texts of your own. Before you come, have a look at or prepare a bit of poetry, drama, a song or a dance or even improvisation to perform. FOR THE TUCKSHOP: A reasonable amount of pocket money if you want your children to avail themselves of this facility. No matter how much the children eat at mealtimes, they seem always to need to snack on something. We sell a small simple range of soft drinks, crisps, chocolates, and sweets, and open this 'shop' after the lunch and tea breaks and after the last work session

WE WELCOME ACOUSTIC MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS But we discourage small Video Games machines and Personal Stereos.

If your child has a medical regime it is important that you let us know so that we can support them in an appropriate way. We will send you a medical form asking you to detail such matters and asking your permission (or refusal) to administer simple remedies such as painkillers, antacids, and so on. Any problems that arise obviously needing further attention will be taken to local medical facilities, and where appropriate we will contact you immediately as to the situation. Contacting Home For most children, particularly those away from home for the first time, but even for seasoned 'old hands', some contact with home or a familiar voice through the week is an necessary part of their time at the holiday. To this end the children may of course bring mobile phones for contact, but they are not allowed to have them during working sessions, but please note that in the light of a (tiny) number of incidents involving unpleasant text messaging, we have a policy of requiring children to hand in their mobile phones each evening at bedtime; they are allowed to collect them again in the morning after breakfast. In all cases, we would ask parents or friends not to ring during sessions - meals are normally at 9.00am, 1.00pm and 6.30 or 7.00pm. calls should be three quarters of an hour after these times to allow the children time to finish their meals. Because we don't permit the children to have the use of either television or computers, we cannot normally allow them access to email facilities; we can of course pass on any email messages, and you should use for any such messages